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*orders are freshly roasted and shipped out on mondays and thursdays (orders must be placed before 8pm on sundays and wednesdays for the following day's shipment).

bali (organic) $12.80

distant ripe strawberry aroma. sturdy. pronounced dark chocolate finish.
costa rica (microlot) $12.50

complex. watermelon and cherry notes with a clean, juicy finish.
decaf (fair trade + organic + water processed) $13.80

noteworthy aromatics. citrus. dutch chocolate.
ethiopia yirgacheffe (organic) $12.80

lively, brisk acidity. floral. crisp, black tea finish.
guatemala (fair trade + organic) $12.50

a classic cup. baker’s chocolate. subtle lemon. hints of almond.
honduras (microlot + fair trade + organic) $12.80

balanced. red grapefruit. round, sweet-toned, creamy body.
new orleans style $13.80

sumatra w/ chicory. herbal licorice. smooth, persistent mouth feel.
nicaragua (fair trade + organic) $12.20

prominent, roasted tree nut tones. firm body. powdered chocolate.
sumatra (fair trade + organic) $12.80

bold. dark berries. gentle, rustic smokiness.